Solar Generator Going
Out Of Business Sale?

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We Started With 58 And Now Have Only 22 Left In Stock!

If you've ever wanted one of our larger more powerful solar powered generators... but were waiting for us to practically give them away, you're not going to want to miss today's PowerHub "going out of business" offer.

Here's the story:

Solar Generators provide life-saving electrical power and unlike gas generators, solar generators run quietly, emit no fumes and produce free electricity from the sun.

But, why are we having a PowerHub going out of business sale?

The answer is simple. We've literally sold out of the entire PowerHub inventory in every one of our warehouses here and overseas leaving us with only 58 22 PowerHubs that we know of in existence!

And for this version of the PowerHub... when they are gone... they are gone forever.

Here's the most important thing: Each unit comes with a full factory warranty and so many special bonuses... it's like getting a powerhub for free.

Don't wait though. When you basically give Solar Generators away... they go fast.

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For Energy Freedom,

Bill Heid
President, Solutions From Science